Agri Fellowship


    The SPF is meant for the leaders and changemakers of tomorrow. We are looking for candidates who have excelled in their career so far and have real substantial potential to bring about game changing impacts on the field of Agriculture and allied sectors.

    The selected fellows will receive a stipend of ₹30,000 upon successful completion of the fellowship program.

    The fellowship program will start on 2023 at the Fellowship Commencement and Orientation Event and will end at the Fellowship Concluding and Final Design Showcase Event. The entire journey will be of 12 months. The fellows are required to attend a 2 bootcamps at the following locations:
    Agricultural Development Trust Baramati, Baramati and Shahyadri Farm, Nashik

    The fellows will learn from various industry and academic experts in the relevant domains. The fellows will also be mentored by members of the advisory committee which comprises pioneering veterans from the respective fields.

    80 fellows (40 male, 40 female)

    The applicants should be between the age of 18 and 30. Applicants for fellowship must be from Maharashtra, his/her mother tongue must be Marathi.

    Yes, the SPF is meant for youth between the ages of 18 and 30.

    1. Intellectual Curiosity
    2. Passion and Self Awareness
    3. Potential for Impactful Leadership

    The reference letters should be from people who have inspired you and who you have personally worked with in professional or academic capacity.

    Only online applications will be accepted. The application form can be found here for Agri and Literature.

    The last day to apply for The Sharad Pawar Fellowship is 2024.

    The Sharad Pawar Fellowship is committed to giving equal opportunity and representation to both male and female candidates, 50% of the fellows will be females.

    The selection committee will be composed of experts and pioneering veterans from the respective fields of agriculture, technology and literature.

Literary Fellowship

    Those who are interested in applying for the fellowship should correctly fill in the form hosted at Mention mandatory details like name, address, contact details, school, college, current job, or business. Applicants need to write around 200 to 500 words about at least 3 authors that have influenced and/or inspired them. Applicants also need to describe the reason behind applying for the Shardchandra Pawar Literary Fellowship in around 200 words

    Aspiring authors need to attach a summary of their planned writing and sample of writing to the application in PDF format as follows: The summary of proposed writing in around 500 words and a chapter of sample writing (in around 2000 words). If you are applying for the form of 'translation': Write a summary of the original book (which you wish to translate) in around 500 words and attach it in PDF format. The summary should also contain necessary information about the original book; i.e. name of the book, author, publisher, year of publication of the edition, etc. A Marathi translation(around 2000 words) of a chapter from that book as a sample for assessment should also be attached in PDF format.

    The duration of the fellowship 12 December 2023 to 12 December 2024

    The application window for the fellowship program is from 30 October 2023 to 20 November 2023. Applications will be scrutinized from 30 October 2023 to 20 November 2023. The names of the selected writers will be announced on 26 November 2023. The scholarship will be ceremonially awarded on 10 December 2023.

    The final copy of the text completed by the ten authors is to be submitted to the selection committee on 10 November 2022. The report of the committee will be submitted on 10 November 2023 after the evaluation. The names of ten authors selected for next year's course will also be announced.

General FAQs

    The reference letters are to be written for young, bright and outstanding youth who you have worked with in a personal capacity (as a mentor, teacher, employer etc.)

    There is no specific prescribed format. We recommend keeping the following points in mind while writing the reference letter:
    ● How do you know the applicant?
    ● Does the applicant have any distinctive accomplishments?
    ● Why should the applicant be selected for SPF?

    Your letter of reference should demonstrate the following qualities of the applicant:
    1. Intellectual Curiosity
    2. Passion and Self Awareness
    3. Potential for Impactful Leadership

    You can recommend any number applicants from your organization.