India is a young and thriving country. Over 62% of India’s population lies between the ages of 15-59 years. It is expected that by the year 2036 the youth of the country will make up for 65% of its population. By the year 2025 the average age of the Indian population is expected to be 29 years, making India the country with the largest young population in the world. These population parameters indicate an availability of demographic dividend in India, which saw a rise in the years 2005-06 and is expected to last until the years 2055-56.

This gives India a unique opportunity to shine as a young global leader with the help of its strongest asset- the youth of the nation. Developing countries with a large youth population can achieve tremendous growth by investing in the education, health, and social welfare of the young population. In order to bring about a revolution in nation building the youth needs to be nurtured and empowered to be the leaders and changemakers of tomorrow.

There are various multifaceted approaches that can be undertaken for positive nation building but they all start with enabling the youth to bring about these changes. Substantial change is needed in order to build the nation, and for substantial change we need leaders and changemakers. For every great leader there is a moment that pushes her/him to take big steps towards leading a change, this push comes from inspiration.

In order to bring about change one needs to be fully convinced and motivated to take up the tough journey of leadership. Not everyone can or should be a leader, however the ones who can and should be a leader need that little push to do what they think should be done. Our vision is to give that little push to the youth of this nation and to bring that defining moment in their life where they are inspired and realize that they are indeed the future leaders and changemakers of India.


A future where the leaders in selected spheres of life who have a deep desire to make a difference, and are driven by compassion, commitment, and understanding of the social challenges that face Maharashtra.


Our mission is to inspire and engage young Indians, particularly youth from the state of Maharashtra in nation building. We want young Indians to get exposed to the myriad social challenges that India is facing and find their inspiration and leadership potential to shape their future and make a difference.


Create an inspiration and learning platform for youth in the state of Maharashtra who undergo a 12-month long journey of discovering their own leadership potential and being inspired to bring about transformative change.
It includes training, mentorship, reflections and hands-on experience with grassroot organizations working on the issues that the fellowship program has selected.