Sharad Pawar Inspire Fellowship in Literature

Conserving the rich cultural past while focussing on current challenges and future opportunities have abled our nation to constitute a unique brand. India, best known for its rich culture and diversity;

can only be envisioned through its commensurately flourished literary and artistic expressions. Young Indian leaders and changemakers need to be introduced to this heritage to follow.

These young men and women should also be acquainted with the revolutionary vernacular literary of India and be equipped to rephrase them in the modern context.

Dr. Nitin Rindhe
Dr. Nitin RindheChief Coordinator
Maharashtra leads in several fields, and one of them is literature. Marathi literature, with a rich tradition of over 750 years, has been enriching readers not just in Maharashtra, but also across India and the world. Marathi literature has always been a vehicle of change, shaping the intellectual discourse, social reform movements, and political ideas in Maharashtra.
The influence of English is increasing in common life and practice. This is resulting in anxiety to learn English. In addition, the extremely competitive atmosphere and the explosion of various digital media have assimilated to drift the young generation apart from the Marathi literature and reading-writing-research culture. This situation calls for urgent intervention. It is imperative to take extra efforts and experiment structurally on an organizational level for preserving the heritage of Marathi literature. This can be achieved by applying modern technology, digital and social media for the conservation and prosperity of our mother-tongue Marathi. This approach can be effective, both in rural and urban areas. Though, a few new writers are toying with novel and maiden issues; however, their number is not adequate. In this view, 'Sharadchandra Pawar Sahitya Pathyawrutti' (Sharad Pawar Inspire Fellowship in Literature) is launched by Yashwantrao Chavan Centre. This is an initiative to develop art and flair for writing among the new generation of writers and help them by engaging with a specific activity-based program. 'Dhyas Sarvottamacha, Shodh Yuva Lekhakancha' (Aiming for perfection, in search of young writers) is the motto of this fellowship.
  1. To identify talented young writers and provide them a platform for creative writing by awarding the fellowship.
  2. To offer systematic guidance and mentorship for selected writers to orient their work throughout the fellowship.
  3. To encourage and help fellows to publish their work, approved by the expert committee, in the form of an independent title.
Offers :
  1. Financial Grant, including traveling/residential allowance and partial financial aid for publication.
  2. Expert mentorship to motivate the selected writers for the development of writing skills technique,and research.
  3. Workshops that include guidance by renowned authors and open discussions with successful contemporary writers in Marathi.
  1. Any Marathi-speaking young writer who is seriously interested in writing or translating the book into prescribed genres.
  2. Age Limit : 35 years or less as of 11th August 2022.
  • Those who wish to apply for ‘Non-fiction category’ should note that Sharad Pawar Literary Fellowship is offered for literary writing and not for research oriented projects.
  • This Fellowship doesn’t accept the research work/literature, which form basis of the award of other degree or any previous work. The fellowship will be revoked at any stage if found the same. It is necessary that the fellowship awardee shall write independently on afresh topic from the chosen subject area.
  • For Sharad Pawar Inspire Fellowship in Literature, writers can writein any of the following forms :
    1. Fiction (Novel or Long Story)
    2. Drama
    3. Non-fiction (Biography, Social sciences, Folk-literature, etc.)
    4. Translations (including fiction or non-fiction) from any Indian or foreign language into Marathi)
    5. Science literature (fiction or non-fiction)
    6. Children’s literature (fiction or non-fiction)
  • Nature of the Fellowship:
    1. Financial grant of Rs. 50000/- for writing the book.
    2. Financial Assistance up to Rs. 50000/- for
      • Traveling and Residence allowance for the orientation program and counselling workshops during the period of the fellowship.
      • Honorarium and traveling expenses for counsellor/guide
      • Financial Assistance for publication of the book if approved by the selection committee.
All the received applications along with proposals will be scrutinized by the expertise. If required, personal interviews will be conducted. Finally, 10 candidates will be selected unbiasedly. An equal opportunity for female candidates is assured.Selection will be completely based upon the merit, seriousness, and discipline of the candidate.

11 August 2022

Workshop schedule Announcement

11 August 2022

12 August to 12 October 2022

Online form submission

13 October to 3 November 2022

Scrutiny and selection

13 October to 3 November 2022

11 November 2022

Result Declaration

11 December 2022

Fellowship Award Ceremony

11 December 2022

Annual Schedule of Fellowship Program - December 2022 To November 2023

10 December 2022

First workshop

10 December 2022

18 - 19 February 2023

Second workshop

27 - 28 May 2023

Third workshop

27 - 28 May 2023

01 - 02 October 2023

Fourth workshop

10 November 2023

Final Submission

10 November 2023

    Those who are interested in applying for the fellowship should correctly fill in the form hosted at Mention mandatory details like name, address, contact details, school, college, current job, or business. Applicants need to write around 200 to 500 words about at least 3 authors that have influenced and/or inspired them. Applicants also need to describe the reason behind applying for the Shardchandra Pawar Literary Fellowship in around 200 words

    Aspiring authors need to attach a summary of their planned writing and sample of writing to the application in PDF format as follows: The summary of proposed writing in around 500 words and a chapter of sample writing (in around 2000 words). If you are applying for the form of 'translation': Write a summary of the original book (which you wish to translate) in around 500 words and attach it in PDF format. The summary should also contain necessary information about the original book; i.e. name of the book, author, publisher, year of publication of the edition, etc. A Marathi translation(around 2000 words) of a chapter from that book as a sample for assessment should also be attached in PDF format.

    The duration of the fellowship 10 December 2022 to 10th November 2023.

    The application window for the fellowship program is from 12 August to 12 October 2022. Applications will be scrutinized from 13 October to 3 November 2022. The names of the selected writers will be announced on 11 November 2022. The scholarship will be ceremonially awarded on 11 December 2022.

    The final copy of the text completed by the ten authors is to be submitted to the selection committee on 10 November 2022. The report of the committee will be submitted on 11 December 2022 after the evaluation. The names of ten authors selected for next year's course will also be announced.

Advisory Board

      Justice Narendra Chapalgaonkar
      Mr. Ranganath Patahre
      Mr. Vasant Abaji Dahake
      Prof. Prabha Ganorkar
      Dr. Ramesh Varkhede
      Mr. Dinkar Ganagal

Executive Committee

      Mr. Datta Bal Saraf
      Mr. Anil Pazare
      Mr. Chetan Koli
      Mr. Kiran Yele
      Mr. Ravindra Zende

Contemporary Writers Panel

      Mr. Pranav Sakhdeo
      Sharmila Phadke
      Mr. Avadhut Dongare
      Shilpa Kamble
      Mr. Balaji Sutar
      Mr. Kiran Gurav
      Mr. Hrushikesh Gupte
      Mr. Balaji Madan Ingale